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【钢琴】普罗科菲耶夫第二钢琴协奏曲 (王羽佳演奏)



在苏联“音乐和革命是深切关联的......每一次革命都是一部宏伟的交响曲”。普罗科菲耶夫生活在十月革命的前后,也经历了列宁时代和斯大林时代,他深深见证了音乐家们的反抗与归顺。 非常不可思议的是他临终和他的死对头,对艺术管控极端严格的斯大林死在同一天。




  Today in music history
On February 10, 1948, Soviet and the response of the Soviet communist party comrade Stalin launched the second round of criticism on the current music scene, denounced "shostakovich, prokofiev, HMV, bahrain, popov, mia, nowitzki comrade composed of formalism decadent music, such as opposed to people's democracy and from the masses and its artistic grade".Prokofiev responded, "whatever harm this may cause my fellow composers, including myself, I support the communist party's policy of establishing healthy conditions for the development of the Soviet musical system...I never doubted the importance of melody.I love melody so much..."
In the Soviet union "music and revolution are deeply connected...Every revolution is a magnificent symphony.Prokofiev lived before and after the October revolution, during the Lenin and Stalin eras, and he witnessed the resistance and submission of musicians.Incredibly, he died on the same day as his Nemesis, Stalin, who was extremely strict with his art.
In the eyes of Russian musicians, prokofiev is a very bright star. His famous contemporary pianist niegorz once said: "prokofiev's name deserves to be among the four or five most outstanding composers in the contemporary world.His qualifications, his rich variety of works, his great skill, and his definite artistic style, all lend themselves well to this theory."
"The composer's early works, written when he was very young, shocked the world with their extraordinary originality.It is a "new language of new ideas."His initial audience immediately divided into two very opposing camps;Enthusiastic admirers and angry boosters.His concert drew both applause and raucous boos.Mr Prokofiev was happier than puzzled.
After middle age, prokofiev was no longer interested in "novelty for novelty's sake.His harmonic language is basically a natural sound system, but he is full of "sudden", dissonance with a sudden "change" make his harmonic language appear particularly fresh and clear, but sometimes also appear abrupt and severe.Because of its logical and strong tonal structure, his harmonic technique does not feel "dissonant for dissonant.""-- shostakovich
Grier, who later became President of the Kiev conservatory, was prokofiev's best abecedarian.Prokofiev was only eleven or twelve years old, and grier was twenty-eight and nine.Grier was so impressed with the musical talent that he later said, "I had the privilege of being a direct witness to the rapid growth of seryosha prokofiev's teenage talents."Prokofiev maintained a close friendship with grier throughout his life.
Today's video: wang yujia plays prokofiev's second piano concerto.



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