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  伊凡·加拉米安(Ivan Galamian 1903-1981)      

贝多芬小提琴协奏曲 郑京和 滕斯泰特

  简介补充: 滕斯泰特指挥贝多芬小提琴协奏曲独奏:郑京和 Kyung-Wha Chung plays Beethoven violin concerto with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and late Klauss Tennstedt. The concert took place in 1989 and the performance was subsequently released as CD from EMI.      

1903年1月23日伊凡·加拉米安(Ivan Galamian )出生。

伊凡·加拉米安(Ivan Galamian 1903-1981)生于伊朗的达不里士(Tabriz,很著名的地方,传说圣经中的伊甸园就在此),他的父母都是亚美尼亚人。加拉米安13岁入莫斯科音乐学院,师从莫斯特拉斯(Konstantin Mostras 1886-1965)学习小提琴直到他1919年毕业。毕业后又去了巴黎,跟随卡佩(Lucien Capet 1873-1928)学琴深造。 1924年,21岁的加拉米安在巴黎首次公演,获得好评。不久被巴黎的“俄罗斯音乐学院”聘为教师,由于工作出色,1930年升为副院长。工作期间,他还去欧洲各国演出。1937年移居美国,1944年入籍美国,同年被费城柯蒂斯音乐学院聘用。1946年起,他任茱莉亚音乐学院的小提琴教授,从此展开鸿图。在他的努力下,茱莉亚音乐学院成为世界著名的小提琴训练基地,培养出大批优秀人才,遍布世界各地。由于他在音乐教学和音乐著述等方面均有显著成就,1965年,奥伯林(Oberlin)大学授予他名誉博士学位。
加拉米安的执教生涯长达半世纪,门下门徒众多。加拉米安的三大嫡传弟子帕尔曼、朱克曼以及郑京和,均是莱文特里德音乐大赛(Leventritt Award)的金奖获得者,后来都成为声震国际乐坛的小提琴家。其他中有诸多同样杰出的小提琴家,如拉宾(Rabin)、拉雷多(Laredo)、弗里德曼(Friedman)、霍尔舍(Hoelscher)、卢卡(Luca)、斯坦奇(Standage)和巴斯韦尔(Buswell)等人。人们都称赞加拉米安的“三大弟子”,可是他自己却认为学生中才气最高的是拉宾。可惜正当拉宾的事业蒸蒸日上,如日中天之时,却染上了毒瘾,于1972年1月19日因毒瘾复发,在家中滑倒,头撞桌角,不幸身亡,年仅三十六岁。拉宾的过身,让世人为之扼腕痛惜,更令老师加拉米安痛心不已。
加拉米安著有许多小提琴教学书籍,其中包括《小提琴演奏与教学要点守则》(Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching ) 和 《现代小提琴演奏技法》(Contemporary Violin Technique)等书籍。
加拉米安的助教后来都独立成为优秀的小提琴名师,其中最著名的是迪蕾(Dorothy DeLay, 1917-2002)。



  Today in music history
Ivan Galamian was born on January 23, 1903.
Ivan Galamian was born in Tabriz, Iran, in 1903-1981 to Armenian parents.Galmian entered the Moscow conservatory of music at the age of 13 and studied the violin under Konstantin Mostras (1886-1965) until he graduated in 1919.After graduation, he went to Paris to study the piano with Lucien Capet (1873-1928).In 1924, at the age of 21, galameen premiered in Paris to critical acclaim.He was soon employed as a teacher at the Russian conservatory in Paris.During his work, he also performed in European countries.He moved to the United States in 1937 and became a naturalized citizen in 1944, the same year he was hired by the Curtis institute of music in Philadelphia.He became a professor of violin at the juilliard school of music in 1946 and has been doing great things ever since.Thanks to his efforts, juilliard became a world famous violin training base and cultivated a large number of outstanding talents all over the world.In 1965, Oberlin university awarded him an honorary doctorate for his outstanding achievements in music teaching and writing.
Galmian developed the excellent traditions of the Russian school and the French school in teaching, at the same time injected his own unique scientific insights, and established a complete teaching system.He pays attention to the physiological and psychological factors of students, attaches importance to aesthetics, and at the same time varies from person to person. He teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, and opposes to sticking to the rules.All of his disciples had extraordinary skills and talents, but their styles were different and their personalities were distinct.All this is due to the painstaking teaching of their teacher, galamean.
Mr Garameen's career as a coach spanned half a century, with many disciples.Mr. Garamian's three oldest disciples, Mr. Perlman, Mr. Zuckerman and Mr. Jeong, were all gold medalists in the Leventritt Award and went on to become violinists in the world of sound shock.Rabin, Laredo, Friedman, Hoelscher, Luca, Standage and Buswell are some of the other outstanding violinists.People all praise the "three disciples" of galamean, but he thought that the most talented students is rabin.Unfortunately, rabin's career is on the rise, when the day, but with drug addiction, in January 19, 1972 because of drug addiction relapse, slip in the home, head hit the corner of the table, unfortunately died, only 36 years old.Rabin over the body, let the world for its regret, more to the teacher garamian distressed.
Garameen's students liked to call him "the terrible garameen," and his teaching system influenced the entire violin community.Garamian not only requires students to be proactive, emphasize the importance of daily practice, and pursue balanced performance and perseverance, but also attaches great importance to cultivating and improving students' artistic taste and style.Whenever a student has a problem, garameen always gets to the heart of the matter.In his view, the ultimate goal of learning to play an instrument is to express music, which is the only reason for the existence of skills.And skill is not only a means, but also a tool of artistic performance.It is not enough to have great skill in a successful performance.Thorough understanding of the meaning of music, creative expression, develop a unique performance technique, performance is not dry pedantry, personality can not be insufficient, also can not be too grandiose.
Mr. Garamian is the author of a number of Violin Teaching books, including 'Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching' and 'Contemporary Violin Technique.'
Galamean's teaching assistants later became excellent violinists on their own, the most famous of whom was diley (Dorothy DeLay, 1917-2002).
Garamian holds honorary degrees from the Curtis institute of music, the oberlin school of music, and the Cleveland institute of music.He was also an honorary member of the Royal Academy of music in London.
Today's video: chung kyung-wha, one of the three birds of garameen, plays the Beethoven violin concerto >
  加拉米安的三只 小鸟 加上一只老鹰      


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