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  安妮·索菲·穆特(Anne-Sophie Mutter1963~)      
A biographical timeline
Anne-Sophie Mutter is a musical phenomenon: for more than 40 years the virtuoso has now been a fixture in all the world’s major concert halls, making her mark on the classical music scene as a soloist, mentor and visionary.
The four-time Grammy® Award winner is equally committed to the performance of traditional composers as to the future of music: so far she has given world premieres of 26 works – Sebastian Currier, Henri Dutilleux, Sofia Gubaidulina, Witold Lutoslawski, Norbert Moret, Krzysztof Penderecki, Sir André Previn, Wolfgang Rihm and John Williams have all composed for Anne-Sophie Mutter. Furthermore, she dedicates herself to numerous benefit projects and to supporting tomorrow’s musical elite: in the autumn of 1997 she founded the “Association of Friends of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation e.V.”, to which the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation was added in 2008. These two charitable institutions provide support for the scholarship recipients, support which is tailored to the fellows’ individual needs. Since 2011, Anne-Sophie Mutter has regularly shared the spotlight on stage with her ensemble of fellows, “Mutter’s Virtuosi”.

Concerts in 2018

Anne-Sophie Mutter’s 2018 concert calendar features performances in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, once again reflecting the violinist’s musical versatility and her unparalleled prominence in the world of classical music: in March she will perform the world premiere of André Previn’s composition The Fifth Season for violin and piano at Carnegie Hall. In November, she will introduce the world to musical terra incognita again, premiering a work for two violins by the South Korean composer Chin Un-suk. Throughout the year, the violin works by Krzysztof Penderecki form a great thematic focus, commemorating the composer’s 85th birthday in 2018 and the many years of friendship between him and Anne-Sophie Mutter. In honour of the Polish composer, she will play those works he has dedicated to her, the Violin Concerto No. 2 “Metamorphoses” (which she premiered in 1995) and the Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 (premiered by her in 2000), the Duo concertante per violino e contrabbasso (premiered by her in 2011) as well as La Follia for solo violin (which she premiered in 2013). A double CD with all the works Penderecki has dedicated to her is scheduled for release in the late summer of 2018, also including the first recording of the Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2.


In March 2018 Poland bestowed the Gold Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis upon her. In February 2018 she was named an Honorary Member of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. Romania awarded the Order of Cultural Merit in the rank of a Grand Officer to Anne-Sophie Mutter in November 2017; during the same month France honoured her by presenting her with the insignia of a Commander of the French Order of the Arts and Literature. In December 2016, the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports awarded her the “Medalla de oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes” (Gold Medal for Merits in the Fine Arts). In January 2015 Anne-Sophie Mutter was named an Honorary Fellow of Keble College at the University of Oxford. In October 2013 she became a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, after winning the medal of the Lutoslawski Society (Warsaw) in January. In 2012 the Atlantic Council bestowed the Distinguished Artistic Leadership Award upon her. In 2011 she received the Brahms Prize as well as the Erich Fromm Prize and the Gustav Adolf Prize for her social activism. In 2010 the Technical-Scientific University of Norway in Trondheim bestowed an honorary doctorate upon her; in 2009 she won the European St. Ulrich Award as well as the Cristobal Gabarron Award. In 2008 Anne-Sophie Mutter was the recipient of the International Ernst von Siemens Music Prize as well as the Leipzig Mendelssohn Prize. The violinist has been awarded the German Grand Order of Merit, the French Medal of the Legion of Honour, the Bavarian Order of Merit, the Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria, and numerous other honors.

Last updated March 2018


  安妮·索菲·穆特(Anne-Sophie Mutter)      



四次格莱美奖得主同样致力于传统作曲家对音乐未来的表现:迄今为止,她已经完成了26件作品的全球首映式 - 塞巴斯蒂安柯里耶,亨利杜蒂勒,索非亚古拜杜丽娜,维托尔德卢托斯拉夫斯基,诺贝尔莫雷, Krzysztof Penderecki,AndréPrevin爵士,Wolfgang Rihm和John Williams都为Anne-Sophie Mutter作曲。此外,她致力于多项福利项目,并支持未来的音乐精英:1997年秋天,她创立了“安妮 - 索菲马特基金会eV之友协会”,2008年加入了Anne-Sophie Mutter基金会。这两个慈善机构为奖学金获得者提供支持,这些支持是根据研究人员的个人需要而定制的。自2011年以来,

安妮·索菲·穆特的2018年演唱会日历在亚洲,澳大利亚,欧洲和北美等地进行演出,再次体现了小提琴家的音乐多样性和她在古典音乐世界中无与伦比的突出地位:3月,她将演出AndréPrevin的作品The World卡内基音乐厅第五季小提琴和钢琴演奏。去年11月,她将再次向世界推出音乐领域,这是韩国作曲家金仁淑主持的两首小提琴作品。在这一年中,Krzysztof Penderecki的小提琴作品形成了一个伟大的主题焦点,纪念2018年作曲家的85岁生日以及他和Anne-Sophie Mutter之间多年的友谊。为纪念这位波兰作曲家,她将演奏他献给她的作品,小提琴协奏曲第2号“变形金刚”(她于1995年首演)和小提琴与钢琴第2号奏鸣曲(2000年由她首演) ),每首Violino e contrabasso的Duo concertante(2011年由她首演)以及La Follia独奏小提琴(她于2013年首演)。带有潘德列斯基献给她的所有作品的双CD将于2018年夏末发行,其中还包括小提琴和第二钢琴奏鸣曲的首次录制。

2018年3月,波兰向她颁发了文化荣誉金奖 - 格洛丽亚阿蒂斯。在2018年2月,她被任命为圣塞西莉亚国家艺术学院的荣誉会员。 2017年11月,罗马尼亚将大任军衔的文化勋章勋章授予
安妮·索菲·穆特;在同一个月份,法国向她颁发了法国艺术和文学指挥官的徽章,以表彰她的荣耀。 2016年12月,西班牙教育,文化和体育部授予她“艺术美术金奖”的“Medalla de oro alMéritoen las Bellas Artes”奖。 2015年1月,安妮·索菲·穆特被任命为牛津大学Keble学院的荣誉院士。 2013年10月,她在1月份赢得Lutoslawski协会(华沙)的奖牌后,成为美国艺术与科学学院的外籍荣誉会员。 2012年,大西洋理事会授予她杰出艺术领袖奖。 2011年,她获得了勃拉姆斯奖以及埃里希弗罗姆奖和古斯塔夫阿道夫奖,因为她的社会活动。 2010年,挪威特隆赫姆技术科学大学授予她荣誉博士学位;在2009年,她赢得了欧洲圣乌尔里克奖以及克里斯托瓦尔Gabarron奖。 2008年,安妮·索菲·穆特获得国际恩斯特·冯·西门子音乐奖以及莱比锡门德尔松奖。这位小提琴手曾获得德国大功勋勋章,法国荣誉勋章勋章,巴伐利亚勋章勋章,奥地利共和国荣誉勋章以及其他诸多荣誉。



穆特:贝多芬与我 Anne-Sophie Mutter: A Life with Beethoven (1999)


  安妮·索菲·穆特(Anne-Sophie Mutter)个人资料      


Anne-Sophie Mutter - Biography

Anne-Sophie Mutter is universally considered to be one of the greatest violinists of modern times. Her artistry embraces everything from tonal richness and consummate technical virtuosity to transcendent expression and profound musicianship. Born in the German border town of Rheinfelden, she showed signs of exceptional talent at an early age. Anne-Sophie began to study piano at the age of five; soon after, she received her first violin lessons from Erna Honigberger, a pupil of Carl Flesch. At the age of nine she commenced studies with Aïda Stucki, one of Switzerland’s finest musicians and an inspirational teacher.

In 1976 Herbert von Karajan heard the 13-year-old Mutter in recital at the Lucerne Festival. The legendary conductor subsequently invited the young violinist to make her concerto debut with the Berlin Philharmonic at the 1977 Salzburg Whitsun Festival. Their partnership continued in 1978 when Mutter made her first recording for Deutsche Grammophon, an album of Mozart’s Violin Concertos Nos. 3 and 5. Mutter collaborated regularly with Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic to create a landmark series of recordings of violin concertos by Beethoven, Brahms, Bruch and Mendelssohn for the Yellow Label. Meanwhile her debuts in Berlin (1978), Washington and New York (1980), Tokyo (1981) and Moscow (1985) garnered critical acclaim and helped establish her regular presence at the world’s major concert halls.

In 1986 Mutter was appointed International Chair in Violin Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The following year she founded the Rudolf Eberle Trust to support the development of outstandingly gifted young string players throughout Europe. The initiative’s reach extended worldwide in 1997 after it was incorporated into the Friends of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation, with the establishment of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation itself following in 2008. Mutter’s commitment to the promotion of young musicians has helped launch the careers of many fine artists, Daniel Müller-Schott, Sergey Khachatryan, Roman Patkoló, Leonard Elschenbroich and Kian Soltani among them. In 2011 she established the Mutter Virtuosi, an ensemble made up of former and current scholarship holders of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation and selected other young musicians. Her Foundation has commissioned André Previn’s Concerto for Violin and Double Bass and his Nonet for Two String Quartets and Double Bass, Krzysztof Penderecki’s Duo concertante, Wolfgang Rihm’s Dyade and Sebastian Currier’s Ringtone Variations.

Anne-Sophie Mutter’s commitment to the future of string playing extends to her wholehearted championship of contemporary music. In 1986 she gave the first performance of Chain II, written for her and the Paul Sacher Foundation by Witold Lutosławski, and recorded the work for Deutsche Grammophon. Her tally of world premiere performances includes Rihm’s Gesungene Zeit and Lichtes Spiel, Penderecki’s Second Violin Concerto Metamorphosen, La Follia for solo violin and Duo concertante for violin and double bass, Dutilleux’s Sur le même accord, Gubaidulina’s Violin Concerto In tempus praesens, Previn’s Violin Concerto “Anne-Sophie”, Violin Concerto No.2 and Second Violin Sonata, and Currier’s Aftersong and Time Machines. She has recorded these and many other new works for the Yellow Label, together with such monuments of the 20th-century repertoire as Berg’s and Stravinsky’s Violin Concertos and Bartók’s Second Violin Concerto.

In the closing years of the 1990s, Mutter recorded Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons with the Trondheim Soloists and Beethoven’s Violin Sonatas with her regular duo partner Lambert Orkis. The latter went on to win Grammy® and Echo Awards, while her Vivaldi album attracted critical acclaim and sold over 370,000 copies worldwide. She began the new millennium with a series of touring and recording projects, including Back to the Future, a retrospective look at major works from the 20th-century violin repertoire, and Recital 2000, an album of chamber works by Crumb, Prokofiev, Respighi and Webern. In 2001 Mutter performed Mozart’s complete violin concertos in two evenings as artist-in-residence at Carnegie Hall and with the Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna and on tour in Germany. Previn’s Tango Song and Dance, dedicated to and premiered by Mutter, formed the core of an eponymous recital album and her touring programme in 2003. Her recordings with Previn as conductor also include award-winning accounts of his Violin Concerto “Anne-Sophie” and a pairing of the violin concertos by Korngold and Tchaikovsky (Echo Award 2005 for “Instrumentalist of the Year”). Mutter celebrated the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth in 2006 with world tours and complete recordings of his sonatas and concertos for violin.

The year 2008 saw the release of her first Bach recordings for Deutsche Grammophon in a disc coupling his two violin concertos with the world premiere recording of Gubaidulina’s In tempus praesens. This was followed by a Mendelssohn album marking the bicentenary of the composer’s birth (2009); a complete recording of Brahms’s Violin Sonatas with Lambert Orkis (2010); an album of first recordings of works by Rihm, Currier and Penderecki (2011); and the release of ASM35, a 40-disc box set of her complete recordings for Deutsche Grammophon (2011) issued to mark the 35th anniversary of her professional debut. In June 2013, Mutter and the Berlin Philharmonic came together at the Berlin Philharmonie to make their first studio album in 30 years: the resulting recording of Dvořák’s Violin Concerto, Mutter’s first, was released to critical acclaim in October 2013.

Mutter launched Carnegie Hall’s 2014/15 season with a gala concert that also marked the beginning of her six-concert term as featured artist in the famous New York venue’s Perspectives series. Having made her debut in Deutsche Grammophon’s Yellow Lounge in September 2013, at Berlin’s Asphalt club (where her 300-strong audience included many young clubbers), Anne-Sophie Mutter repeated the experience in May 2015 with two dates at Berlin’s Neue Heimat venue, a converted railway station in the city’s bohemian Friedrichshain district. Her performances were recorded live for Deutsche Grammophon’s first Yellow Lounge album, released in August 2015. The event was also filmed by ZDF for subsequent television broadcast and as the subject of a documentary film. Mutter joined the London Symphony Orchestra and André Previn at the Barbican Centre in June 2015 for a special performance of the composer-conductor’s Violin Concerto “Anne-Sophie” in honour of his 85th birthday.

In October 2016 Mutter celebrated the 35th anniversary of her debut in Japan with appearances in Tokyo with the Wiener Philharmoniker and Seiji Ozawa, the Mutter Virtuosi, and Lambert Orkis. Last season also featured a concert marking the 40th anniversary of her debut at the Salzburg Whitsun Festival and the world premiere of John Williams’s Markings for solo violin, strings and harp at the Tanglewood Festival.

Upcoming highlights include appearances at the BBC Proms, Lucerne Festival and Enescu Festival in the Dvořák Concerto with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Manfred Honeck; performances of the Tchaikovsky Concerto in Buffalo and Chicago; and, in November, a recital tour taking in four German cities and Barcelona in which Mutter anticipates her programmatic focus of 2018: the music of Penderecki in the composer’s 85th-birthday year. November will also see the release of Mutter’s latest Deutsche Grammophon album, which will feature performances of Schubert’s “Trout” Quintet and “Notturno” Piano Trio in company with pianist Daniil Trifonov and the Mutter Virtuosi.

Anne-Sophie Mutter has for long used her public profile to support and promote charitable causes, notably those associated with the alleviation of medical and social problems. Her benefit concerts have raised funds for, among other organisations, Save the Children Japan, the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society, victims of the 2011 Japanese tsunami and nuclear energy disasters, the Hanna and Paul Gräb Foundation’s Haus der Diakonie in Wehr-Öflingen, Artists against Aids in the United States, the Bruno Bloch Foundation, the UK-based Beethoven Fund for Deaf Children, SOS Children’s Villages in Syria, the Leipzig Refugee Council and the “Healing Arts Program” at the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center (Omaha).

Mutter’s many awards and honours reflect the nature of her humanitarian work as well as the excellence of her artistry. She has won the Grammy® Award for “Best Instrumental Soloist(s) Performance (with orchestra)” three times, received the prestigious Ernst von Siemens Music Prize in 2008 and the Légion d’honneur in 2009 for services to contemporary French music, and in 2011 was awarded the Erich-Fromm-Preis for the advancement of Humanism through social engagement, as well as being named Musical America’s Musician of the Year. Other honours include the Merit Cross 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Mendelssohn and Brahms prizes, the Herbert von Karajan Music Prize and the Bavarian Order of Merit. In 2013 Anne-Sophie Mutter became an Honorary Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, in 2015 she was appointed an Honorary Fellow at Keble College, Oxford, and in 2016 she was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts by Spain’s Ministry of Culture.



安妮·索菲·穆特被普遍认为是现代最伟大的小提琴手之一。她的艺​​术感受从音调丰富,精湛的技艺,到卓越的表现和深厚的音乐才能。她出生在德国边境城镇莱茵费尔登,从小就显示出天赋异禀的迹象。安妮 - 索菲在五岁时开始学习钢琴;不久之后,她从Carl Flesch的学生Erna Honigberger那里得到她的第一个小提琴课程。在九岁时,她开始与瑞士最优秀的音乐家之一,励志老师AïdaStucki一起学习。


1986年,穆特被任命为伦敦皇家音乐学院小提琴研究国际主席。第二年,她创立了Rudolf Eberle Trust,以支持整个欧洲发展出色的年轻弦乐演奏者。该项目于1997年并入安妮 - 索菲笃基金会之友后于1997年在全球范围内推广,随后于2008年成立了Anne-Sophie Mutter基金会。穆特对促进年轻音乐家的承诺帮助推动了职业生涯其中有许多优秀的艺术家,DanielMüller-Schott,Sergey Khachatryan,RomanPatkoló,Leonard Elschenbroich和Kian Soltani。 2011年,她创立了由穆斯特穆特基金会前任和现任奖学金获得者组成的合奏团,并挑选了其他年轻音乐家。她的基金会已委托安德烈普列文的小提琴和低音提琴协奏曲和他的Nonet为两个弦乐四重奏和低音提琴,Krzysztof Penderecki的二重唱组合,Wolfgang Rihm的Dyade和Sebastian Currier的铃声变奏曲。

安妮·索菲·穆特对弦乐演奏未来的承诺延伸到了她对当代音乐的全心全意的支持。 1986年,她首次为她写的第二张连续剧和由WitoldLutosławski创作的Paul Sacher基金会,并为Deutsche Grammophon录制了作品。她的世界首演表演包括Rihm的Gesungene Zeit和Lichtes Spiel,Penderecki的第二小提琴协奏曲Metamorphosen,La Follia独奏小提琴和Duo Concertante小提琴和低音提琴,Dutilleux的Sur lemême协奏曲,Gubaidulina的小提琴协奏曲Tempus praesens,Previn的小提琴协奏曲“安妮 - 索菲”,小提琴协奏曲2号和第二小提琴奏鸣曲,以及柯里尔的后曲和时间机器。她为黄色唱片公司录制了这些和许多其他新作品,以及20世纪伯爵和斯特拉文斯基的小提琴协奏曲和巴托克的第二小提琴协奏曲等古迹。

在20世纪90年代的最后几年,穆特与她的常规二人合作伙伴兰伯特奥基斯一起录制了维瓦尔第的四季与特隆赫姆独奏家和贝多芬的小提琴奏鸣曲。后者继续赢得格莱美和回声奖,而她的Vivaldi专辑在全球销量超过370,000份。她开始了新千年的巡演和录制项目,包括回到未来,回顾20世纪小提琴曲目的主要作品和Recital 2000,由Crumb,Prokofiev,Respighi和韦伯恩。 2001年,穆特在两天晚间在卡内基音乐厅和维也纳爱乐乐团的艺术家驻地以及德国巡回演出中演奏莫扎特完整的小提琴协奏曲。 Previn的Tango Song and Dance致力于并由Mutter首播,成为2003年同名专辑和巡演节目的核心。她与Previn一起担任指挥的录音还包括其小提琴协奏曲“Anne-Sophie”的获奖作品以及Korngold和Tchaikovsky的小提琴协奏曲(2005年Echo Award“年度乐器演奏家”)的配对。穆特于2006年庆祝莫扎特诞辰250周年,并为世界巡回演出和完整录制了他的小提琴奏鸣曲和协奏曲。

2008年,她为Deutsche Grammophon发行了首张巴赫唱片,并将他的两首小提琴协奏曲与世界首演的Gubaidulina's tempus praesens录制在一起。随后是门德尔松专辑,标志着作曲家诞生二百周年(2009年);与Lambert Orkis(2010)完整录制了勃拉姆斯的小提琴奏鸣曲; Rihm,Currier和Penderecki(2011年)的第一部作品录制专辑;以及为她的专业首次亮相35周年而发行的40盘盒装ASM35,这是她为Deutsche Grammophon(2011)发行的完整唱片集。 2013年6月,穆特和柏林爱乐乐团在柏林爱乐乐团共同演出,创作了他们30年来的第一张录音室专辑:2013年10月,德沃夏克的小提琴协奏曲 - 穆特的第一张小提琴协奏曲的发布录像获得好评。

穆特在2014/15赛季推出了卡内基音乐厅,并举办了一场盛大的音乐会,这也标志着她六次音乐会的开始,成为着名纽约场馆视角系列的特色艺术家。 2013年9月,她在柏林的Asphalt俱乐部(她的300多名观众中包括许多年轻的俱乐部成员)首次在Deutsche Grammophon的黄色休息室亮相,2015年5月,Anne-Sophie Mutter在柏林的Neue Heimat场地举办了两场比赛,该市的波希米亚弗里德里希海因区(Friedrichshain)的火车站改建。她的表演现场录制于2015年8月发行的Deutsche Grammophon的第一张Yellow Lounge专辑。该活动还由ZDF拍摄,用于随后的电视转播和纪录片拍摄。穆特于2015年6月加入了伦敦交响乐团和安德烈普雷文在巴比肯中心,以表彰作曲家指挥的小提琴协奏曲“安妮 - 索菲”,纪念他85岁生日。


即将到来的亮点包括与匹兹堡交响乐团和Manfred Honeck在德沃夏克协奏曲中的BBC Proms,卢塞恩音乐节和Enescu音乐节上亮相;布法罗和芝加哥的柴可夫斯基协奏曲的表演;并于11月在德国的四座城市和巴塞罗那举行了一场独奏音乐会,其中穆特预计她的2018年计划重点:作曲家85岁生日那年的潘德列茨基音乐。 11月还将发布穆特最新的德意志唱片公司的专辑,该专辑将与钢琴家丹尼尔特里福诺夫和穆特维特罗西共同演出舒伯特的“鳟鱼”五重奏组和“诺托尔诺”钢琴三重奏组。

安妮·索菲·穆特长期以来利用她的公众形象来支持和促进慈善事业,特别是那些与缓解医疗和社会问题有关的慈善事业。她的福利音乐会为其他组织提供资金,包括日本拯救儿童会,瑞士多发性硬化症协会,2011年日本海啸和核能灾难的受害者,汉娜和保罗格雷布基金会在Wehr-Öflingen的Haus der Diakonie,美国的艾滋病,布鲁诺布洛赫基金会,英国贝多芬聋人儿童基金会,叙利亚SOS儿童村,莱比锡难民委员会以及弗雷德和帕梅拉巴菲特癌症中心(奥马哈)的“治疗艺术计划”。

穆特的许多奖项和荣誉反映了她的人道主义工作的本质以及她的艺术才能。她曾三次荣获格莱美奖“最佳器乐独奏家表演(带管弦乐队)”,并于2008年荣获着名的Ernst von Siemens音乐奖和2009年法国现代音乐奖的Légiond'honneur奖。在2011年被授予Erich-Fromm-Preis通过社交活动推动人文主义,并被评为Musical America的年度音乐家。其他荣誉包括德意志联邦共和国第一优等奖,门德尔松奖和勃拉姆斯奖,赫伯特冯卡拉扬音乐奖和巴伐利亚勋章奖。 2013年,Anne-Sophie Mutter成为美国艺术与科学学院的名誉外籍会员,2015年,她被任命为牛津大学基布尔学院的荣誉院士,并于2016年获得西班牙美术学院的美术金奖文化部。



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