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Tian Yuan(20160717)






My name is Tian Yuan, Now I by the middle school of the Central Conservatory of Music, studied with professor Weijian Tang.

I was born at Harbin in 1999, the city of music. With the unique musical atmosphere and the influence of my hometown and family, I can touch a lot of classical music earlier. 

When I was three and a half years old, I stared to learn the violin with my father. I made first public performence at the age of four. At the age of seven, I entered the Harbin children's palace High School Symphony Orchestra, And I became the exceptional youngest First violin player there.

In 2008 I came to Beijing, studied with the famous violin educator Lin Yaoji, Thanke to him who gave me much helpful advice, so that I benefited a lot, When I was nine,I entered theattached primary school of Central Conservatory of music, and studied from professor Tang Weijian, During this period, I gain developed a rapid development, my major was outstanding every year, And I got the highest scholarship from The Affiliated primary school of Central Conservatory of Music and Hong Kong brothers fund.

On August 23 2011, I held a solo concert in Harbin concert hall, In the concert I played Eleven solo works and Henri Vieuxtemps's Fourth Violin Concerto. Being widely concerned by the majority of music lovers and the news media, A famous music critic said: " The topic of the city of music, The pride of the city of music, This warm night, due to Tian Yuan's wonderful string sounds more romantic, more charming."

In 2012, in Harbin Summer Music Concert, I successfully played the violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers".

In 2014, my left leg fractured when I was in sports. Then I had a Internal fixation operation. In order to prepare the professional course test and the Schoenfeld international competition, I stubbornly took those months in hospital to practice the Specified tracks of the competitions. Finally I won the Schoenfeld  International string Competition outstanding performance award. During the competition, I was selected to play by competition organizing committee for Chairman of the jury David Shilon. Under his guidance I played Charles Camille Saint-Saens's third Violin Concerto wonderfully. And I got highly praise from the players, the audience and the media's.

In 2015, I participated in the Central Conservatory of music in violin competition. In the two rounds of incentive competition, I precisely played the "Mozart Concerto No. 3" and the Saint Saens introduction Rondo capriccioso ", and the Tchaikovsky Concerto with my elegant temperament. At last I Won the third prize of the competition, and was highly praised by the judges from the United States and Singapore. I studied in the master class many times to accept the guidance of the professors, which broadened my thinking, enriched my repertoire library, improved the performance of my music. Masters’ interesting idea are fascinating. The same piece of work, different thinking habits, works of different effects. When you are familiar with the various times and different countries, different styles of works, you will understand the connotation of music from a multi angle depth, and have a more clear understanding of more classical works. I think MUSIC have a lot of fun, not only can we play it by ourselves, but also we can constantly reflect on it.

In July 2016 I attended the Schoenfeld  International string competition, although there is no awards, but I did not give up every opportunity to learn to communicate, carefully watched every game seriously, including the chamber music games are carefully studied. During the competition, the organizing committee arranged for me to accept the guidance of Mr. Mintz, chairman of Congress master class, the master class I performed  Saint-Saens's introduction and Rondo capriccioso, learn a lot of new knowledge also won the Violin Master Mintz and the audience.

In August 2016, I participated in the second Hong kong Art Festival violin competition, won the proxime accessit of youth group.

In July 2017, I passed the NYO-China China Youth Symphony Orchestra, perfect participated in the training, investigation, observation, communication and other activities, and in the famous conductor under the leadership of Mollo, Successfully conducted a performing tour in the US Carnegie Hall in New York and China's three places.
In August 2017, I participated the Karvendel festival in the Mittenwald Germany. I
 had Sextic master classes from all over the world's top music master and gave four concerts, succeeded in showing me - music talent of one from Chinese's students.

At present, in order to improve my ability and a wide range of more ensemble music, I attended the Central Conservatory of Music high school orchestra, namely China Youth Symphony Orchestra, also participated in the four seasons Chamber Orchestra rehearsal performance, a large number of classical, romantic and modern works, This has played a positive role in opening up my music vision and mastering more masterwork of music art.


Tian Yuan elegant demeanor

  Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto in D major, Op.35, Allegro moderato  
  Paganini, Caprice No.24 in A minor      




2008我来到北京,投师著名的小提琴教育家林耀基,感谢他给了我很多有益的建议,使我受益匪浅 。后一直跟林耀基教授的助教汤伟剑教授学琴,我九岁的时候,我考入了中央音乐学院附小,在此期间,我专业有了一个突飞猛进的发展, 每一年专业都是优秀的。我得到了中央音乐学院附属中学和香港兄弟基金的最高的奖学金。

2011年8月23日,我在哈尔滨音乐厅举行了独奏音乐会。在音乐会上我演奏了几首独奏作品和维厄当第四小提琴协奏曲。 引起广大音乐爱好者和新闻媒体广泛关注。一位著名的音乐评论家说:“音乐之都的话题,音乐名城的骄傲,今天属于田元,这个温馨的夜晚,因田元美妙的弦音而显得更加浪漫 更加迷人”。

2012年,在哈尔滨夏季音乐音乐会上,我和哈尔滨少年宫中学生交响乐团合作成功地演奏了小提琴协奏曲《梁山伯与祝英台》。2014,当我在运动时,不慎左腿骨折了,然后做了一个内固定手术。为了准备专业课考试和勋菲尔德国际弦乐比赛,在病床上我顽强地练习比赛指定曲目。最后我赢得了勋菲尔德国际弦乐大赛专业少年组优秀表演奖。在比赛中,我被选中为大赛组委会为 评委会主席大卫.希隆的大师课表演。在他的指导下,我成功的演奏了圣桑第三小提琴协奏曲,得到了选手们、观众和媒体的高度赞扬。

2015年,我参加了中央音乐学院小提琴比赛。在两轮的激励竞争中,我成功地演奏了莫扎特第三小提琴协奏曲和圣桑引子与回旋随想曲,和柴可夫斯基的协奏曲,最后以我的精彩的技巧和优雅气质,我夺得了比赛的第三名,并受到来自美国和新加坡的评委们的高度评价。我在大师班学习了多次 ,接受教授的指导,这开阔了我的思维,丰富了我的曲目库,提高了我的音乐表现力。大师的有趣的想法是迷人的。同一件作品,不同的思维习惯,作品 效果不同。当你熟悉不同时代、不同国家、不同风格的作品时,你会从多角度领会音乐的内涵,并对更多的古典作品有更清晰的认识。我认为音乐有很多乐趣,我们不仅可以自己演奏,而且我们可以不断地反思它。

2016年7月我参加了勋菲尔德国际弦乐比赛,虽然没有获得奖项,但我没有放弃每一次学习交流的机会,每一场比赛都认真的细心地观看 ,包括室内乐的比赛都细心研究。在比赛期间,组委会安排我接受大会评委会主席敏兹先生大师课的指导,大师课上我表演了圣桑的引子与回旋随想曲, 即学到了很多新的知识同时也获得了小提琴大师敏兹和观众的好评。




目前,为了提高我的合奏能力和广泛涉猎更多音乐作品,我参加了中央音乐学院附中交响乐团,即中国少年交响乐团,还参加了四季室内乐团,排练演出了大量的古典、浪漫和现代作品, 这对开阔我的音乐视野、熟悉更多艺术精品起到了积极的作用。

  Tian Yuan      



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